16 September 2007

Good people don't go to Heaven, forgiven people do.

Well, a lot of things have been going down this week and I seem to be running out of time on all sides. Last Tuesday was wonderful, I had no reason to be anxious about leading, and with all your support and input, I found myself relaxed and for this I thank you. A lot of the fishing talk we spoke about, I actually used this week. "Good people don't go to Heaven, forgiven people do."

What really came out strongly for the group in the second part of the "Go Fish" series, was that all those other religions are striving to come closer to God, but they are missing only one main ingredient and that is Jesus. Unless they are told about Jesus, they will never know salvation. This is why we are compelled to speak about Jesus.

For those who weren't there last Tuesday, I mentioned my Gran who is a devout 82 year old catholic and in the last couple of months has had a few strokes. A few years ago Carol and I spoke to her about Heaven and Hell. Did she know where she was going? She answered that she did not know, matter of fact no-one knew. We told her that we knew and went through the scriptures were it says that once you have asked Jesus to forgive you and become your personal Saviour, he will. His grace will cover all our sins past and future. "Good people don't go to Heaven, forgiven people do." She did not want to carry on with the conversation after that. However, we prayed that the seed was sown.

This month, one of my clients had not yet paid me, which meant no bills could be paid. Last Tuesday I had only enough petrol to get me to work the next day which added to my stress. Money came into my account from another source at midnight on Wednesday, and on Thursday, I was happily thanking the Lord for coming to the party. At about 11:30 that very morning, I got a call from my Uncle Ronnie and between the tears I learned that my Gran has just had a heart attack. He needed to get to his mother and he asked if I could take him. The last time I took him anywhere, was about 10 years ago to Durban to bury his oldest son who had put a gun to his head. So I picked Ronnie up in Rustenburg and headed for Durban. On the way down, it dawned on me that God had released that money just for this. We arrived in Durban the next morning at 12:30am and could only see my Gran later that morning at 11:00am. When I saw her, I saw a very weak and broken woman. She looked confused and could not speak. After conversing with the medical staff, I found out that she had 3 stokes and a heart attack on the left part of the heart, which they said was lucky for her, as it wasn't on the right side.

Later that day while having lunch at the Pavilion, I started thinking to myself, that this was a waste of my time. I had so much work and I could not afford to be here. What was I doing here? I resolved to go back the next day, and again God intervened. He told me clearly that I was here because he wanted me here and by the way, what was I doing in a fast food restaurant? He said to me to get back to the hospital now and tell my Gran about Him. I went, but along the way wondered what God wanted me to say.

At the hospital, I found the family. With only two allowed at a time, I had to go in with someone else. Hoping that I rather be alone, I stood at the foot of her bed and watched as Ronnie pushed a rosary into her hand. I told God that I can't, these catholics would rip me apart. I said to God if He wanted me to speak to Gran, He must create a opportunity for me. Ronnie then turned to me and asked if I would like to speak to her. I nodded, and as he moved aside I said to him "alone", so he simply walked out.

Again, I said to God I can't, what could I say. He said to me "Just tell her about me". So I asked her if she remembered that conversation about Heaven and Hell. She nodded. I took her hand and said that Jesus is the answer. Just call on His name. Jesus has all the answers you are seeking. With that she got very fidgety and her eyes were everywhere. I prayed a short prayer over her and as I left the room I said to her "Jesus, Jesus is the answer".

The next two family members went into the room and I found my aunt Maryanne and Ronnie in a waiting room. While sitting there casually making small talk, I started telling them about the Heaven and Hell conversation that I had with Gran a few years ago. Ronnie said that his mom will go to Heaven as she has suffered so much in the past and God will reward her for that. I just looked at him and said "Good people don't go to Heaven, forgiven people do." He went quiet. God then said to me, that this not just about Gran, and the word "Curse" came burning into my mind. I looked straight at Maryanne and said "This family is cursed" Without missing a beat she answered me "Yes, and I know what the curse is all about". Ronnie reacted like I thought anyone would after been told that their family is cursed. He wanted to know what was the curse about, but Maryanne said that she could not tell anyone of the curse until Gran was dead. After picking up my jaw off the ground, I said to God that I have done what you have wanted me to do, I am way over my head on this, but you lead and I will follow. With my Gran, it was "Jesus is the answer she is looking for, what ever she is trying to keep hidden, Jesus is the only one who can take that burden and give her peace". Now with Ronnie "Good people don't go to Heaven, forgiven people do." and with Maryanne "Nothing is hidden from God and this curse what ever it is will come into the light where God will deal with it".

Driving back to where I was staying, Theresa, my sister came strongly to my mind. I just had to speak with her and tell her what had just happened. Later that evening Theresa phoned me to get feed back about Gran, so I told her everything about that day. She then said to me that the previous day God had laid Gran on her heart. She had this feeling that Gran was trying say something that was hidden in her heart. Theresa prayed that God would send someone to Gran.

That someone turned out to be me. God made sure money came in and that I would go down to Gran. Another strange thing happened that I should mention here, well I should never be surprised when God is in control. Theresa said she was awoken at about midnight, her alarm went off. She had not set it, but she felt that she had to pray. Even though she didn't know what for. I said to her at that time I had driven into a lot of mist on the way down and could not see clearly. God wanted me safely down in Durban to deliver His messages. The seed has been sown. God has spoken and I pray that they listen to Him as He is the answer.


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